July 26, 2016


Utatlan, Utatlan Ward


Elder Morales

Hey!!!! Well this week was a good week and a hectic week. Elder Morales and I are now the only missionaries in the Utatlan ward. We are doing well. He is soo funny and he know a lot. The other two Elderes had emergency changes. This area is so big. The members here are awesome. we are well taken care of. Before there were 4 of us in this ward but the other two had emergency changes so there is only Elder Morales and I in this ward. Well President is chopping heads off. He sent 8 missionaries home this week and in this month he has sent 15 missionaries home.

Well last week for p day we went bowling bc we have one of the largest malls in my area. It has a bowling ally and a Movie theatre. Only in the capital are there movie theaters. Like i said last week we are in a nicer and wealthier part of Guatamala which is good and bad. People are more prideful but we get taken care of really well. The members are awesome. I plan on eating Mcdonalds or Wendy´s idk we´ll see. It is different outside the cap.

Really im doing great we have a baptism planned for this Saturday. We did have it planned this past week but it was pushed to this Saturday. Hna Perlita passed her interview and will be baptized this week. We do have 2 others that could get baptized but they only lack the motivation. Have a good week.

Elder Purcell


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