May 9, 2016




Elder Rivas

Happy Mother's Day

I want to start off by wishing all the mothers and future mothers a Happy Mothers Day!! In Guatemala Mothers Day is on the 10 of May and they crazy. There are parties and a parade. Its a big Deal here.

Well this week was FANTASTIC!! I loved calling home and talking with the fam!! Sounds like you guys are doing great. It was by far the fastest hour of my life. It felt like 5 minutes.

Although a lot of our investigators with fechas fell, we still have our one familly on track for baptism in 2 weeks. We had 4 of our investigadores in the sacrament which was good. I talked to one of our younger investigadores Marlon about the priesthood and about the mission. He told me that he wanted to serve a mission and he asked what he had to do in order to serve a mission. PILAS!! We are still working with the Fam Marroquin. They didn`t attend church so their fecha fell but we are going to work hard with them.

Sunday was stake conference and it was a great one. Our Mission President gave a talk about our program called Nunca Voy Solo. This program has been in operation for about 2 months. Its a program that has the members and the missionaries working together. I cant stress enough the importance of the members in this work. Really the missionaries need your help in recieving refrences and going with them to do lessons. I have found that working with the members works better than not.

I get along well with Elder Rivas. I love my area and Iove the people. I see everyday my weaknesses being challenged but at the end of the day i see them grow stronger. I also find my testimony being challenged everyday but with every challenge it grows stronger. I love this maravillosa (I forgot how to spell it in english so ill write it in spanish) work. Thanks evveryone for everything you have done for me and my familly. Les Quiero mucho!!

Elder Purcell


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