February 10, 2016


Guatemala CCM (MTC)


Elder Westra

Week 2

Hey mom it is good to hear from you again. P days are going to be weird at the CCM because we came in an off week so our P days switch from tuesday to wednesday every other week. So next week P day is on a Tuesday. It sounds like home is still home. It sounds like all our prayers are being slowly answered. Elder Westra is from Utah. I learned that he too did Tae Kwon Do so that was cool. He pushes me to do my best and to be obediente. He is a good first companion. He has a strong testimony and hes white. My spanish is progressing a little. It depends on the days. It is hard and i find it difficult at times and I do get frustrated when I can´t speak it correctley. Our lessons with people are easy to plan but hard to teach cuz of the lack of spanish that I know. But I know that if i have the spirit with me, he will guide me on what to say, even if it isn´t much. A testimony is a powerful tool that i have used a lot when teaching because i can bear my testimony with full confidence and power. The devotionals we have at night are great because i learn a lot and i feel the spirit so strong. I do remember that scene in other side of heaven. I would go out and read the Libro de Mormón if i could for 3 days but unfortunetly i can´t but its thats ok. I´m happy that David is doing well. I know that his challenges will make him stronger and a better person. How´s fatty? Is he still fat? How´s the district job? I forgot to tell you last week that we went to the temple and did a session there. The Guatemala templo is so beautiful and i had the opportunity to go to it today. It is an awesome expirience. I love yo so much mom and i hope that you are really doing good. I bought a cool shoulder bag that has my name and mission imprinted on them and i got a couple ties that are way cool. Oh by the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY on friday!! How young are you going to be again? haha love you mom and ill talk to you next week.


Elder Purcell


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