February 2, 2016


Guatemala CCM (MTC)


Elder Westra

Week 1

Dear Purcell Family!!

This is your brother/son if you have already forgotten. The CCM(mtc) is pretty good. I adjusted pretty well. My companion is Elder Westra and he´s a cool dude. The food here is absolutley delicious. The fruit is awesome and the chef is very good. Yes we did pick up about 6 more missionaries in LA. We all became fast friends. We arrived in Guatemala and thats when the stuggle began. Everybody was speaking spanish. They thought i was native , which I am but not with the language. About an hour after we arrived at the CCM i was called into the President´s office. He called me to be district leader right away. I was nervous but I knew with the help with the lord, i would succeed. The classes aren´t to bad here. I have learned a lot. I can now pray and bear my testimony a little bit in spanish. Elder Westra and I became fast friends with the latinos at the CCM. They actually just left today for their missions. Its ok cuz they are serving in my same mission. I´ll see them again. I want to share with you guys real quick that the gift of tongues is a real thing. Today we took a tour around the city and we were assigned to give out 2 book of mormons. After only being here for 6 days and only 4 days of classes. I was super nervouse but we did it. Elder Westra and I taught 3 people about the Book Of Mormon. One guy wanted to be baptized the next day. We did get rejected a few times but hey we knew that would happen. Although we didn´t understand a lot of what the people were saying to us, it was through the spitit in which we were able to communicate. It was crazy. I felt like I was on top of the world when we preached to the people today. Earlier in the week one of the elders in my district had an impression to testify to me that i was here for a reason and that i would be able to speak fluiently if i worked hard. I really needed that cuz that day i was frustrated cuz when we were practicing teaching a lesson i couldn´t speak any spanish but after his testimony i felt like i could and that night elder westra and i gave a lesson in spanish and out of nowhere i spoke as if i were fluient. I miss you guys so much. I love you Joel. I love you David. I love you Mom. I love you Fatty.

Yo quiero compritir mi testimomio con usteded. Yo se que Del Libro De Mormon es verdadero y Presidente Thomas S Monson es un profeta verdadero. Yo se que mi famlia es eternal y don de lengus es muy verdadero. Yo se que jesucristo es mi salvador y el evengelio es verdadero. En el nobre de jesucristo. Amen. I think i did the spelling right on that. Enough about me what do you have this week? Pleas keep me posted. I love you all and ill pray for all of you.

Elder Purcell


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