March 11, 2019


New Gbawe Ward


Elder Williams

Recap and New

RECAP That week (two weeks ago) was very boring with no results and didn't have a lot of fun.... Got to hear from some church leaders, which was good. The General Young Woman's President and General Relief Society President were cool, but still Elder Nash (Area President) took the crown at that meeting.

NEW Ok, now this week was SOMETHING!   We started like normal with district meeting where our zone leaders informed us we are going to have a ball this transfer, with 3 zone activities! So we are super excited. Then we went over to work on the other side of this massive hill, really not that close to the chapel so it'll be quite a walk for the people to come to church. We contacted a ton of new people! Like a TON! My companion made me really short on patience so I just went ham in the work. We went only 1 hour and stopped because we didn't have enough pamphlets. I'll admit I haven't seen anyone contact near as much. So the fact we did all that in just one hour was like "woah, Tobo y!" Plus he hasn't seen anyone contact that much in a day let alone an hour, so ya it was all one blur for us. Then Saturday we followed up with a few of those people.  Sunday, we had 2 of our people come to church! We are planning for a baptism in two weeks and another shortly after.  So that would be a great way to end Elder Williams training.
This next week will be a busy one, 
Elder Bailey

P.S. I found a new store see pic below... In case you're wondering, I cleared them out.


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