January 9, 2017


El Faro


Elder Midward Mendoza

great week

hey all just wanted to let you know i love you and everythings going great here... We have a couple of dates of marriage right now because were teaching a lot of famililes which is good but stressfull because you have to meet all the needs of all the members everytime you teach and for right now we have two dates of marriages with the families so that they can be baptized... one family is struggling but the other that we have has been going crazy... reading, keeping commitments, coming to church WITHOUT us accompanying them and its great super cool and fullfilling, but i dont know if ill be able to stay in the area to see them baptized which is kind of sad, but this is a family of Bolivians named Orlando y Maribel with 3 kids, Natalie, Jaqueline, and Kevin haha i love them and theyre an incredible family that me and Elder Figureoa my last compañero found and were bout to baptizes them soon... hope and pray for them and ya sorry for the short email... also we met an american last week here in Llomas de Zamora and i couldnt talk in english worth a crap hahahah it was bad lets just say that. which is good for the mission but bad for real life haha but ya thats it for this week thats just an update of my week...
Love Everyone and miss everyone also 3 nephi 13:19-21 for everyone this week be humble and love yall

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