January 2, 2017


El Faro


Elder Midward Mendoza

new year

not much time but wanted to share 2 nephi 4: 15 and 16 and i want you all to really put an emphasis on all things that you do for the lord (praying, reading, church callings, being great examples for the world) and not just do them just to ¨check them off our To Do List¨ and i can promise you all that god will see you and bless you. just something i wanted to share with you guys... what ive been doing is reading every page of the book of mormon and then stopping, and meditating on that page and the things that i can do better and that god wants me to do better and then asking him in sincere prayer to give you more knowledge of the surety of the book of mormon and i promise you it will make a difference in all aspects of your life...
Love you all and miss you

The Elder Belnap

here's just a couple of photos for this week because i had to do a bunch of stuff for the missionary program but we passed new years with the zone leaders who are now in our area (the main zone leader is the crazy looking big dude in all my photos) hahahahaha hes super funny and i love him... we passed the new years in the hous of maria ledesma again shes great and she made us some fire food... and my new comp is the one in the dinner picture... and playing uno and us doing service in the house of a member we had a little paint fight hahahah and the one with the 3 americans are 2 of my favorite americans i will ever meeet i had a ton of fun times with those guys and i love em but now theyre all gone... and the pictue of me sweating in the selfie is me after our ward party when i was playing BASKETBALL with some of the members hahaha it really took its toll on me...


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