December 12, 2016


El Faro


Elder Figeuroa

mission message

Wow so many things have happened in the past couple of weeks so im going to try and recap it all... well 2 weeks ago we had zone conference and had the opportunity to listen to our mission president talk about how to have a more meaningful mission by getting along better with your comp. and after i had the opportunity to watch our 50 something year old mission president cross over a bunch of kids in football ahhaha it was great literally dropped a couple of kids (made them fall) for those of you who arent with the lingo... but ya it was great and then his wife and him gave us a bag of candy for christmas which i consumed immediately (due to the scarceness) of quality candy here... but it was super fun and i love our Mission President. Then we had a district activity that next monday in which we all had to bring something to eat or a dessert and i decided to make the nobake oatmeal cookies which are so famous in the belnap household. well long story short they turned into more of a paste than cookies and all of us guys just ate it with spoons hahahahha. but that was super funny.
A downer is that Dana the daughter of the coolest member ever had to postpone her baptism until the 24th of december which if it actually happens this time will be a christmas miracle for me and my comp. but were out here working hard in the scorching heat trying to find families to baptize and people to teach.
Hahaha i cant talk about this without laughing but my comps had a couple of run-ins with some of the objects in our pench specifically the Fan and the Dishes hahaha so the first time, i was showering and he dropped a plate and cut his arm (not bad though) and the second time he bent down to pick something up off the ground and the fan fell on him and he literally stuck his hand in the fan and almost knocked his fingernail clean off... and so now before he does anything and im not in the room i told him he has to start asking me before... nahhh its just a joke but also we may need to start childproofing the apartment for him as well is what i told him... haha but ya... its the just those little things in the mish hahahah
And also about my Intercambio with our district leader who is super cool and catches literally 8 foot sturgeon all summer long is what he told me. The day was super hectic and very strange to make the long story short but i want to share with everyone the scripture he shared that i loved in the lesson that we taught to Dana... its in Luke 18:18-22 and its the story of the rich man who was following all of the commandments and when he asked Jesus what more he can do he said ¨Now when Jesus heard these things, he said unto him, Yet lackest thou one thing:.......... and my District leader stopped right there and he said to Dana.. ¨right now what is stopping the lord from blessing you in the fullest, what thing right now is stopping you from entering into the presence of God (which at this time for her it was Baptism). But i think we can all apply that to our lives throughout our lives... thats the grind
and the purpose of this life to get rid of all the things that are keeping us from living with our father in heaven. and i challenge all of you to look upon the characteristics of your lives and choose one thing that isnt in accordance with that of our Eternal Goal and to strive to Get Rid of That Habit... and slowly and steadily we are going to start to see the change that it makes in our lives...
Love miss you all and know your in my prayers.

The Elder Belnap


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