November 21, 2016


El Faro


Elder Figeuroa

great week

So this last week has been a little bit stressful but compeltely worth it... So this week in El Faro, Banfield, Buenos Aires, Argentina we had a thing called a Capilla Abierta its basically just a tour of our church but explaining everything, beliefs, organizations, you name it. and the last week we had one as well in a different area and only 2 people went the whole four hours... so me and my companion werent about to have that happen so we fasted and worked super hard during the week dividing up our area into 20 parts for all the missionaries in our zone to go and proselyte in and put a bunch of names of those people in each one of those areas... in other words we put in WORK this week... and what do you know God blessed we get 150 references and 30 peeople attented just a little miracle in the lives of all the members and me and my companions lives after working super hard for a great cause and it may be of little significance to you guys but its just great that being out here on a mission its so easy to see the ways that god blesses you in... also we have an investigator shes 19 and her mom is a member but still shes not and shes beeen taught many times by the missionaries but now, just like the lord promises throughout the bible and the book of mormom (specifically in 2nd Nephi 4:5) to all parents that if they keep walking by faith down the straight and narrow and keep being examples and rocks for their children to lean on. god will work miracles in their childrens hearts he never says when but i believe it always happens, and its been a blessing in my life to see that promise working through me and my companion. So this is my invitation this week that if any of you know someone who is having difficulties with a kid or something like that haha just share with them that if they keep doing the things that they know are right that everyting will eventually work out in the end. because thats exactly what this mom has been doing in my situation and she told us through tears how grateful she was for the gospel in her life because she realized the change that this gospel and the lord wrought in the life of her daughter. haha anyways yep that is my experience this week love all of you and miss all of you and know that with thanksgiving coming up that im grateful for everyone that has been a positive influence in my life.

Elder Belnap


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