November 7, 2016


El Faro


Elder Figeuroa

spreading the word

Well hey, so this weeks been a little slow... we had a couple of our most promising investigators lose interest and also a lot of new rules given to us but somehow the week went by super fast. Theres an area in our zone called Campo Tongui and its like another world... by that i mean super ghetto, the people in there are usually foreigners like Peruvians, Paraguyans, and Bolivians and usually illegal too haha but the crazy thing is that its our best area for baptizing because theyre all so humble and always willing to listen. so we were proselyting one day and some Argentine guy thats like the director of Campo Tongui who is also kind of like a Drug Lord (He literally told us that if anyone gives us problems in that area that we can just tell him and hell TAKE CARE OF IT???) Idk what that means... but he just rolled up on us and started yelling at me like hey where are you from and usually ill say somewhere in Argentina when its someone sketchy but i said LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS and this guy just started going off about how were just a bunch of Selfish Capitalists (Keep in mind this isnt the first time this has happened) but it is the first time that i finally had enough vocabulary to defend myself and although i couldnt give an explanation for this next upcoming election.... haha .... i finally calmed him down and we set a date to teach him and we went on saturday and taught him and he is surprisingly a great investigator. we gave him stuff to read and although he didnt come to church we called him and had a little review over the phone and it was great. he wants us to come back and said that hes going to come to church this sunday... but ya thats just a kinda cool experience that i had this week and basically every other one of our investigators that weve found has a cool story but for now this all i could write...
But ya things are going great here in El Faro and im really looking forward to this next week... We have a date for this saturday but its looking a little uncertain but were hoping and ya lifes great... Miss and love you all.
Also just a quick spiritual thought read Moroni 9:6 and remember not to get complacent on our path of discipleship... and i know its easy for missionaries to say that because it basically is our job and life right now... but EVERYONE has work to do for the lord and EVERYONE should TRY and find some time in their day to share the gospel or perform service for people in the ward or the needy whatever... BECAUSE THERE IS WORK TO PERFORM WHILE IN THIS TABERNACLE OF CLAY... just a thought for you all and President Uchtdorfs talk this past conference about not sleepwalking on the path of discipleship...
Love and Miss you all...

Elder Belnap


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