October 31, 2016


El Faro


Elder Figeuroa


Hey so this week has been great other that one thing... I HAD TO GIVE MY FIRST TALK... and the worst thing was i was blindsided by it on saturday night at our baptism hahaha... So ya this week we baptized Alberto he is great he has a super strong testimony and doesnt have the most money in the world but loves the concept of tithing and all the gospel principles. but at the little bapstismal party that we had after the Bishop asked me if i could give a talk and i said sure. so i was up for quite a while doing that and when i was talking i all just came super natural haha I talked so long the Bishop passed me a not that said ¨Your time is up...¨ Thanks... haha so ya i know that will make dad proud.
Weve also been working with a family that has a ton of problems but half of them are getting baptized on the 12 so thats good and were working super hard with the other half... but they have a lot of problems and ya thats basically a weekly update. Not a lot of time but ill write a super long one next week. (and ill send a picture of the note that the Bishop passed to me) haha its super funny. Anyways love and miss you and talk to ya next week

The Elder Belnap

IM sent...(ya im doing good i mean just got done reading our new book of rules for our mission and the chances of fun are dwindling rapidly haha when i call you guys ill give ya the details but for now just know that our president likes rules... haha na ill give ya all the lowdown of my stuff in the letter but no we cant dress up and i cant wait for that letter... the next time you send a package there is an hermana in our ward who is incredible but she wants a spanish small quadrule from the states because theyre not available here so ya if you could do that that would be cool also i loved the message because right now is kind of strange with all of the new rules i really dont understand most of them but i do know that they are for our benefit and that theyre only going to help with the work if i follow all of them... but ya so thanks for that message and ya i already know dads gonna go 400 percent on his costume that he wears today haha and i do get a chance to check the record of the cowboys and i know judds super excited hes been wating for this year for a while now... haha and i love the pictures of reagan shes soo cute and i hope she doesnt change too much while im here... also ya i talked to breann about the dance so ya...)


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