October 10, 2016


El Faro


Elder Figeuroa

El Faro

Hey so this weeks been great... it feels good to finally get out from under a Trainer´s wing and get into the heat of battle so to speak. Haha but really this weeks been great... We started off working hard and im gonna try and continue that. We have 2 investigators named Alberto and Juan... haha Juans just a normal guy and super cool and looking good. Alberto on the other hand is gonna need some help.. right now hes having a hard time going to church because hes in his late twenties and hes bald... now that might be something normal in utah, but here in culture where everyone has a full head of hair until they basically die, hes literally scared out of his mind to go into public without a hat........ hahahahahahha i had to try so hard not to laugh while he intently told us this story and at first it started out like it was gonna be a serious problem, but ya anyways he finally came to church and guess what he stayed for the full 3 hours and loved it... so were going strong for the 29th for baptism and we have a GOLDEN FAMILY a week after that that. we ran into them while contacting theyre super cool the dad is a Remisero or a TAXI and gives us free rides and stuff whenever we call him. But ya thats whats going on with the Work right now.
My companions name is Elder Figeuroa and hes from Chile, Vine Del Mar hes super cool and hope to keep things going good in El Faro with him.
The members here are amazing and im currently on my way to play basketball for my first time in the field right now, with them. Anyways love yall and look forward to hearing back from all yall. sorry for the short letter, not a lot of time this week.

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