October 3, 2016




Elder Bahena

Its transfer day

Ya so these last couple weeks havent really been the easiest for missionary work because we had to drop a couple of investigators and like i said before we baptized our other two... so we basically had to start from ground zero and havent really had much luck. But usually once youre done being trained which is 3 months or 2 transfers... you get transferred, so yessss im being transferred today. Right now im still in Guernica, but in a couple more hours ill be in an area called Al Faro its in the zone of Banfield which is where the president of the mission lives. But my area is like 45 minutes from where he lives and is right next to the place in the mission where the most robbings of missionaries happen haha so i have a pretty good chance of being robbed from what i hear. and theyre doing whats called a Whitewash where they take the two missionaries that were there and put in two brand new ones for whatever reason. So i apparently have a lot of work in front of me but i feel like im ready. My comp, from what i hear is fairly new and doesnt speak english so that should be interesting.
Also yes i did get to listen to General Conference live, but not the priesthood session. and yes there were so many good talks. a couple i loved the most was the one by President Uchtdorf about not sleepwalking on the path of discipleship and how us as members of the church walk on a path of diamonds but sometimes only feel like its a dirt road. Also the other one by Robert D. Hales when he said that everyone in our premortal life chose to follow god, but sometimes when they come here to earth because of the veil they forget about those feelings. Our job as missionaries and as members of the church are to find how and to awaken those feelings of love for the lord. But sometimes we just cant do it and they have to find it for themselves after weve planted that seed in them (Prodigal Son). But ya just a couple of things i got from conference that i really liked.
Also were you guys in the session when the guy stood up and yelled NO haha i dont know why but i always find that so different for everyone involved. like why would you go through all the effort of getting tickets and drive to the conference center just to yell no for a sustaining vote and then go home....... and not to mention the people around him how uncomfortable it makes them. But ya...
The weather is definitely starting to warm up and i feel like its about to be a very hot summer from what i hear. And yes the mission offices are in a very nice city called Adrogue and ill most likely get your package on this tuesday or the next when we have zone meetings.
But ya thats whats going on right now, and ill send some pictures next week because were at a super slow ciber... Love and miss you all

Your fav Missionary (Elder Belnap)


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