September 19, 2016




Elder Bahena


Hey, so these last 2 weeks have been a blast to start off my letter im gonna tell you about the girl that we had planned for a baptism... this week... the 25th haha. So she had been coming to church and asking super inspired questions and stuff for like 2 weeks in a row and was looking super promising, then one week she just didnt show up so we went to her grandmas house because thats where we teach her at and she said a bunch of stuff in spanish because she loves to talk and i had just taught 2 lessons and my brain was semifried so i wasnt paying attention and when we left my comp was like did you understand what she said? and i was like no... and he goes well the only reason she started listening to us in the first place and coming to church was because wanted to talk to you... hahaha so ya thats that.
Then weve had a couple of things on saturdays here called capilla abiertas one in Bursaco and one in San Vicente. theyre super fun theyre like museums of the church that the church and members in that area put on and we all go there and they feed us usually bread and milk in the mornings and we go out and proselyte and invite people to them and then we come back and its almost guranteed that theyre feeding you PANCHOS just a really horrible version of a hot dog haha.
Then last week a member of our ward called and said that the house of her mom was posessed and we had to go over there and bless it haha and mom you know how scared of that kind of stuff i am hahahaha so i go in there expecting cupboards to be flying around and lights breaking windows slamming all that ha. but we just went in there and said a prayer and left haha it was kind of disappointing but i didnt have nightmares that night so i guess that was a positive from it.
But then the highlight of our week was our 2 baptisms yesterday 1 in which i got to baptize and it was amazing and super nerveracking haha. but i did it flawless. ill send some pics 2 but the day before we bought them these photos of us at the temple and bought some picture frames as well it was super cool and wrote stuff on the back both were teenage girls one 17 and the other was 18. it was super cool.
so ya thats really all that happened these past 2 weeks now were out to find some more young women that are either interested in me... or the gospel. Either one works haha.

Elder Belnap


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