September 5, 2016




Elder Bahena

Good things in Guernica

Hey sorry its been a minute since ive sent ya a big email haha. but anyways these last 3 weeks have been really good and the spanish is finally starting to settle in. so a little bit ago my comp got sick again and we got to go to a city called Temperley. thats where the hospital is and its a super cool city. Then that same week we had ward temple day and we got to take some our investigators and go to the temple and teach them by it and that was super fun... also because i saw all of my old teachers from the mtc that i got super close with. but ya it was super fun and we found a couple more investigators and one now has a baptismal date on the 25th of this month. hopefully we can get our investigators baptized before this transfer is up because chances are high that ill end up leaving Guernica at the end of this transfer, but if not its all good.
Then a week and a half ago Elder Packer of the 70 Boyd K. Packer's son came to our mission and missionaries from like 3 of the zones came and it was super cool all the people, (Mission Pres., his wife, and Elder Packer, and his wife talked about the importance of having the spirit with us on our mission) so ya.
Then yesterday probably the worst and funniest thing happened to me. well by our pench theres a cultral festival going on... or there was. but anyways i go walking through and i see this Aruba tent and i see a can that says Mango on it so i immediatley go to buy it, but the guy completely rips me off because its really not for sale they just use it to make smoothies, so i basically pay 5 dollars for this can of mangoes or so i thought, well when i got back to the pench i opened this can of mangoes and guess what, its just mango fruit juice man ive never been so mad in my life haha. but also while i was walking through the festival i accidentally kicked a little rock and it hit some girl in the head who was sitting on a bench ahhhahaha. i said lo ciento and guess what we started talking to her and now shes an investigator... but ya thats basically a summary of my past weeks. haha teaching and lessons are going good. we just taught an investigator and his inactive wife that have been living together for like 20 years a Law of Chastity lesson haha. and basically tried to set a marriage date for them... but we just felt uncomfortable and were unsuccessful hahaha dad was right theres a ton of people that are just living together and not married, but they have been coming to church for like a month straight so ya thats good. all the baptismal dates we have are 2 on the 17th and the teenage girls names are Pricila, and Noelia ages 17 and 14. then on the 25th we have another teenage girl named Adriana haha so thats whats going on here in Guernica. lots of teaching and contacting lots of fun. Love everyone and talk to ya next week.

Elder Belnap


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