August 15, 2016




Elder Bahena

Life is good even with ups and downs

So this week was a roller coaster of emotions haha so on Wednesday we got Hot Water and Gas which was very exciting, hot showers all the time now... but theres always highs and lows in life right. so on Friday night i had the first experience that ive had with throwing up in a foreign country. ive said it once and ill say it again i dont think theres anything worse in this world than being sick without your mom there to take care of you. i had the closest thing to a mom though, my 5 foot 4 Companion haha no. but while i was sick all of saturday and sunday the investigators that weve been struggling with trying to get to come to church all came to church. it was a miracle. 4 investigators at church and it made both of us soo happy even though we werent there to see it because we were sick. Great Blessing. Also the day we got our hot water and gas, was the day our fridge broke which in turn led to our eggs rotting which in turn was the reason that i believe i became sick. Now our new fridge makes noises that sound like Darth Vader is in our living room at all times. Also to end with a scripture in 2 Kings Chapter 2 Verses 23 through 25 haha great scripture to teach your kids not to make fun of bald men. And ya thats just typical sick day in the life of a missionary when you literally have nothing else to do except read the book of mormon and other books. you start out in 1 nephi just wanting to know the meaning of a certain phrase used in a certain context so you look at the bottom for a reference and you end up in 2 Kings reading about... well just read it for yourselves just a good laugh. Anyways talk to yall next week.

Love, Elder Belnap


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