August 8, 2016




Elder Bahena

A baptism on the way

So this weeks email might be a little short due to some unexpected things but ya. Anyways to start things off my companion and I have our first baptismal date with a girl whos 17 and loves the gospel very much. shes been going to church with her friend that is a boy, she claims that hes not her boyfriend but shes literally with him all the time and i just agree to disagree haha. but anyways she really loves us teaching her and her mom is very interested as well and knows the bible very well so we might have our hands full with a bible mom haha i dont know. I think it just shows how much of an influence friends and other members of the church can have on someone. and this week weve been teaching a lot about lesson 3 in preach my gospel and you can go and study it but i had a thought when reading about enduring to the end and about all of the principles that we teach in that chapter. Sometimes we as members of the church and even investigators think that god makes or FORCES us to either repent or be baptized or have faith, but no its something that god ASKS us to do if we WANT. it is a gift that god gives us to do all of these things. they should be something that we want to do. And i talked about that with Priscila our investigator and i think that really struck home with her.
Also another thing ive learned is that we need to be Examples of christ in everything that we do, and thats easy for me to say because im basically doing nothing else except focusing on that but its something that i want to get better at on the mission and when i get home, being and example in all things. i encourage you guys to do that as well, just like it says in (Mosiah 18:9) its not something we HAVE to do its something we GET to do. and that concept applies to all gospel concepts that may be difficult to obey or follow.
This was basically brought on because i got to attend a baptism this week, something that i havent got to do for a while and it just made me think of some of these things.
Well thats all for this week sorry its short but it was from the heart haha.

Love Elder Belnap.


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