August 1, 2016




Elder Bahena


Hey so ya this week ive had a lot of study time to myself because my comp has been sick, and we have an investigator that we just need to get to church and i know he'll believe and stuff but the hardest part about converting someone is getting them to church but i think this is the first week i realized why a mission is going to be hard. Not because of the strange food, or not because i dont have any hot water. Its because its hard putting your heart/testimony into someone and they still dont progress. so i was studying in the bible now that ive finished the book of mormon and i found a scripture in Romans 10:14-18 but 17 is the verse i shared with him and the previous visit he said he had listened to lessons on all the churches in the area and found that the mormom church was the most true and i told him that the only way to find out for himself is to attend and come to church with his family to HEAR THE WORD OF GOD and i know the spirit was there and working on him but yesterday at church guess who wasnt there... Gimy... haha and its harder than i thought it was going to be when the mission is hard, because thats all you have to look forward to out here, but i know if i keep working hard and stay obedient god will bless. also the Romans verses r great verses for missionary work.
We also had the opportunity to do service for like 10 hours on saturday we dug what was i believe the septic hole which was literally like 15 feet deep, well 10 feet when we started but we had to make it to 15 and we just took turns shoveling and handing up dirt using a bucket and a makeshift rope that we would tie onto the bucket to haul it up haha jumping down there was like jumping into a mine haha, and since it was my first service the district had me jump in first, and since theyre always messing with me i couldnt tell at first if they were serious but they were and i jumped in there and got to work, then the second part of the day was time to put a concrete roof on this guys garage, and it was super uptempo we had like an assembly line of missionaries passing like 5 gallon buckets of concrete to each other all the way up to the guy on the roof. and after i was chosen to cook the brats/giant sausages and i know for a fact that they were undercooked because there was literally no fire and everyone just said they didnt care they were just starving and that night my comp and a couple other elders didnt sleep all night because they were throwing up, haha but i made sure to eat the burnt ones but it wasnt my fault because they werent patient enought haha but ya so thats how this week went in Guernica, Buenos Aires.
Love you all

Elder Belnap


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