July 25, 2016




Elder Bahena

Great week

yep had another great week and its crazy how fast the days go by, im not kidding its insane. but thats cool for nate getting ready to leave and ryan holmes just sent me an email hes about to leave and come to the field in 2 weeks. This weeks been good still getting to know the area. The weather is getting colder every day and so far it doesnt really rain that much aside from what a lot of people said or at least not yet. the area is a lot like the other areas or cities in Buenos Aires... Like a half mile or so radius around the main street is like city, but after that theres just dirt roads and a lot of open farm land. Im just starting to get to know all the ward members investigators and less actives and theyre all super nice and cool. also im lucky that i got a great latino companion that the members like because were constantly getting invites for lunch and i dont think ive ever appreciated free food more than i will as a missionary haha. for now im just helping with parts of lessons and giving a testimony at the end which is good but the spanish is definitely coming for sure. but for now thats basically all thats happening. ps dad was right all the people here that i talk to about music have heard of Ricardo Montaner and Franco De Vita. Also we are getting gas and a hot water heater today so no more cold water super exiting . happy Birthay Reagan Love and miss you soo much.
Elder Belnap


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