July 18, 2016




Elder Bahena

First week in El Campo

Well, hope you had a great 4th of july. this week has been by far the craziest to say the least and once again... so much to write in so little time. but anyways im sure you guys know Elder Bahena is my comp and i was scared he wasnt going to know any english but he ended up knowing alot. and i learned that brock miller was in our mission and i actually ended up seeing him and we talked for a while about stuff the first time i went to the mission offices. and met a ton of other people that i knew through random connections haha very cool... small world.
The food and water, well these last couple of days the food has been good. my first day we had this stuff called polente which is just a mixture of a bunch of vegetables and corn flour haha but the lady gave us enough in this huge bowl to feed a family of ten for like 6 days haha. Then we ate this stuff called milanesa which is just basically chicken or steak or some sort of meat breaded and it was very good. cant drink the water down here not because it will give you any form of parasite, but because Argentines just dump bleach in the water to clean it and call it good haha so we have a filter that we can only drink out of or else youll just get a way bad stomach ache.
WE DONT HAVE GAS OR HOT WATER, but all the other missionaries in our area do so some mornings we end up going to other missionaries penches to shower haha the water in our pench is literally ice cold and we have 2 very small heaters to keep our pench warm haha and its also the winter here and is getting very cold.
I got to meet all the people in our ward and investigators and theyre all very nice im trying to get them to like me and i think im succeeding, i just try to make a fool out of myself most of the time and they think its funny.
Well anyways my comp likes to keep a tight schedule so ill tell you more next week cuz im out of time, but anyways just be thankful for hot water and gas right now haha.
-Elder Belnap


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