July 7, 2016




Elder Hazelgren

Going into my first area soon

Another great week... but my stay at the mtc is winding down and its actually pretty sad... ive gotten really close with the people in my district and the teachers throughout the mtc. haha this week one of the kids in our district wanted to get his haircut...anyways he asked my companion to give the back of his head a trim up because he doesnt want the cheap haircuts that they give us here at the mtc hahahah. well anyways he whispers to me watch this and takes the razor and cuts like a 2 inch triangle in the back of his head without him knowing with basically all the guys in the mtc watching in the bathroom. super funny haha. just the little things like that that im going to miss.
sounds like just another summer at the belnap household haha. also looks like another successful 4th of july trip as well, everything go well at the fireworks show this year? haha grandma didnt have to point and shake her finger at some 7 foot tall mountain man again.
Well anyways this past week we got to go proselyting again, and this time in a new more wealthy area. it basically was a downpour the whole time so we went into it with a bad attitude haha but it basically turned out to be one of the best trips yet. since it was raining we basically just bounced from store to restaurant talking to people, when we came to a very nice heladeria (ice cream shop) and we went inside and talked to these two probably 25 year old people that were just working and going to college. we talked to them for probably an hour and a half about everything then gave him a book of mormon. and plans to teach him at his house this saturday and ill keep ya updated.
well the mtc has been great in so many ways but im excited to get out in the field. my next letter will be my first week in the field and i cant wait.
Love Elder Belnap


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