June 30, 2016




Elder Hazelgren

Proselyting and messages from General Authorities

Hey guys missing you alot especially since youre gonna be in montana without me, but this week is a lot better all the new kids had a chance to settle down so emailings going smooth again. but any ways its been another good week its cool seeing progress with the language and everything im gonna miss the mtc actually it was way fun and im out of here in a week and a half. i got to know the people in my district way good and were all great friends. lil scared to go out into argentina with this amount of language that i have haha but any ways. i didnt get to tell you guys about a lot of stuff in detail thats been happenin but any ways weve been out proselyting two times and the first time was way cool so the bus just dropped us off in this neighborhood and gave us a map and said good luck haha. so first we saw a farmers market and went and bought some food and hung out then as we were walking we saw some jehovas witnesses that strictly spoke spanish and my companion said to them... Were enemies and were proselyting on your turf haha. anyways we talked to a couple of people there but then when we started walking towards the end of our area and found a division 2 stadium called CALA and went inside and talked to some soccer moms who were watching their kids play futsol it really is crazy in these small towns how much the soccer stadiums and teams mean to these people. so we spent quite a bit of time there and passed out a bunch of hand out cards and pamphlets. then we just went street contacting and talked to some more people no one really to interesting, but basically EVERYONE in argentina is catholic is what ive noticed, theres just different levels of comittment to it. and we only get 5 hours so by then we were basically done.

Then we get to hear alot of devotionals from 12 members that are broadcasting live in provo. and just yesterday we got to hear a talk by David Bednar and just a cool way to think of missionary work he started with a saying he always likes to think about God knows loves and teaches his children ONE BY ONE its a great message for missionaries that we need to love and earnestly care for the people of whatever mission were serving in. and throughout the scriptures the phrase used to talk about how god and jesus talk to their children is ONE BY ONE and is used like 10 times. he then shared a story about how he doesnt believe in coincidences or chance that god puts certain people in our lives in certain situations when WE need it BECAUSE god knows us and our needs ONE BY ONE. i just thought that was cool because i know that for a fact and ive seen that firsthand and its very cool.

Well anyways we went proselyting last saturday as well and much of the same thing alot of talking to people about earthly things like soccer and government for example but here and there we snuck some gospel principles in and it was a great experience when we did. we also talked with what people in Argentina call Chorros (Gangsters) haha they werent the meanest looking dude in the world but they were pretty sketch all four posted up on a street with hoods on haha and one of the teachers here told us one time that if we just walked past and acted confindent they wouldnt bother us. so we did just that and we stopped and ended up talking to them for almost an hour haha. and i asked them what they do for work and i quote they said, COME SE DICE ROBBAR in Ingles which means Robber and my comp and i just looked at each other like alright haha. but it sucks we dont get to ever know about the people that we talk to about the gospel or not, we just basically pass them over to the missionaries in the field and they take it from there.

Anyways im out of here in a week and a half and way excited ill talk to you guys next week. have fun in montana send me some pictures, and love ya.

-Elder Belnap


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