June 23, 2016




Elder Hazelgren

A day of proselyting

Ya so this last week has been full of crazy things and emotions. To start off on saturday we went proselyting and literally had the time of my life... youll see in my pics we went to a farmers market and talked to a bunch of people, and then saw some jehovahs witnesses and we were on their turf so we left and went to this stadium of a team in the second division in argentina called C.A.L.A. and it was jam packed there, not for a game but there was a bunch of kids playing futsol and we stayed there for like 2 hours and just talked to parents and kids. it was so much fun and then we went street contacting to finish out the 5 hours that we were out there proselyting. Great time, skimped out on some of the details so ill have to catch you guys up next week. because weve had like 70 new missionaries latinos and north americans get here today everythings being rushed and thrown off of schedule. then all of our friend that are latinos left and went to their missions, so it was a pretty sad day, cuz we had gotten to know those guys so well in the last few weeks. but were out here lookin like the seniors in the mtc and just havin fun. sorry i couldnt write more, we only got like 30 min on the computer.

Sorry love you guys and talk to ya next week


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