June 16, 2016




Elder Hazelgren

Letter #2

Hey guys ya so this week has been kinda the same and im starting to get in the routine of classes basically all day and then just hitting the hay at 10:30 every night. i thought it would be hard for me to go to bed at 10:30 since ive never had to do it in my entire life. but i never wouldve thought that learning spanish and the gospel all day could get you so tired. it really drains you.

This week we had a few of elders go home. one North American. and like 2 or 3 latinos one was a guy that i roomed with, it was really sad i mean i dont think ive ever bonded with a group of guys that fast in my life and we were all way close, and all these elders left in like the time frame of like 2 days, and really put a damper on the MTC haha. but my companion and i are doing great.

The language is there and still coming. sometimes i feel in class like ive hit a wall and my brain wont learn anymore spanish and thats pretty frustrating. but in one of my classes a couple days ago i had a thought like. i dont have to learn spanish and go on a mission, i GET to and ive kind of been trying to imply that thought throughout every day and so far is helping me out alot.

I didnt think theyd let us go to the temple here but turns out we get to every thursday, which is very cool and also frustrating at times, because the whole meetings in spanish and you have no idea whats being said the whole time. but its a great experience and im happy ive got to go 2 times since ive talked to you last.

i wanted to share some gospel stuff but i forgot my journal that i wrote it in... but any ways ill catch you guys up on some spiritual experiences next week. but since last week weve got to listen to 2 quorom of the seventies in person and multiple broadcasted firesides from members of the quorom of the twelve. its been remarkable to say the least.

Any ways love and miss you guys and ill talk to you next week... ps sorry for the confusion with time... it switches up every week so just sometime throughout thursday is my email day.

Lots of Love - Grant


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