June 9, 2016




Elder Hazelgren

1st Letter

hey things r going great. we have a pretty rigorous schedule and are learning/teaching alot of the day but not alot about the language suprisingly, i think they trust the gift of tongues to do that for us as we practice on our own and apply it in our lives. because they really dont have much language teaching so at times i get frustrated but its coming along great i think considering the fact that i dont ever even get taught spanish and dont know where i should be in learning the language haha. i can say a simple prayer give a simple testimony have a conversation in spanish, the next step is just to learn how to teach in spanish. THEY WONT LET US SEND OR PUT PICTURES ON THE COMPUTER BECAUSE THE COMPUTERS R TRASH I GUESS. SO THATS VERY FRUSTRATING. but dont worry about the picture taking process ive taken plenty i just cant upload them or anything until i get out of the CCM or MTC. Yesterday we got to go into la ciudad to get our visas and it was one of the coolest drives ive ever seen. they literally have no room to build out anymore so they just build up. ive heard a bunch of stuff about my mission, and people r telling me one thing then someone else tells me the complete opposite. but i asked the mission pres and he said that my mission is the city and that made me excited because the city is way cool.

Companion: I made a seperate tab because this guy is one of the coolest guys ive ever met hes 21 and went to BYU hes super funny and super smart alot like how i wouldve pictured dad back in his prime. loves sports including basketball, music geek just like me and we just get along great. i know god was watching over me to make this MTC experience a lot better by basically giving me the best companion ever throughout the mtc. no doubt in my mind well b friends when i get back, if not friends for the rest of my life. you guys will have to meet him, hes already made me laugh so hard ive cried like 3 times in the first week that ive been here. really helping me push through the difficult task of learning a language and the gospel out here. GREAT GUY

Food: great food love it...... all that stuff that you packed i basically dont need any of it for the mtc you know like the pepto bismo all that stuff im saving for the field i mean the mtc is pretty nice other than the fact that weve got like 8 people in a room the size of my dorm room in price. hot showers and great food.

Room: WEve got 8 elders in this little room and its great. and theyre all so amazing 2 can translate and speak english very well and i dont know theyre all just great. theres also a little peruvian kid that i think hung out with ryan wilde but no one can be for sure cuz hes legit a descendant of the ancient mayans and speaks the most hardcore spanish ever. haha but room life is great i learn the language a lot better by talking to all of those guys but, we dont get alot of free time except on thursdays which is today (BTW MY EMAIL TIME IS FROM 9:30 TO 10:30 JUST IN CASE YOU WERE WONDERING)

anyways yep making friends and preaching the gospel couldnt get better that. LOVE AND MISS YOU GUYS TALK TO YOU SOON.


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