September 3, 2017


Ulan Ude


Elder Memmott

Chugging Along in Ulan-Ude!

On Sun, Sep 3, 2017 at 11:49 PM, Lawrence Gavin wrote:

Hey all! Great week this week!
Not a ton to report, pretty run of the mill week. In a good way :) It's been nice to have a little bit of routine after the craziness of the last couple weeks.
Anton is doing great, we're giving him all the new member discussions now and preparing him for a calling and the priesthood. He's starting to warm up to a lot of the members here, which is good. One of the biggest worries I always have when a new convert joins is that he'll have a hard time meshing with the branch, but the fact that most of the members here (except for the very youngest) are all converts helps a lot. They all understand exactly what it's like to enter the new world that is membership, and they do a lot to help welcome new people into the flock.
The Savins are doing great, too! We got to see Luba for the first time since her baptism (she was out of town) and that was awesome. Her, Dasha, and Zahar are incredible, we love their family so much. It's going to be hard leaving Ulan-Ude when the time comes, I really love the people here and they love us back.
School just started for everyone here, and it's a tradition among the young kids in Russia to get completely wasted drunk on the night after the first day of school. It's so bad that they don't allow the sale of alcohol anywhere in the country on that day. Everyone still finds alcohol, though. For some of the new converts among the youth here in Russia, this is the first time that they've spent the first day of school sober. The church really makes a huge difference in the lives of these people, and it's just exciting to be a part of helping them!

The mission merge is going well, everyone is doing the best they can to make sure it goes smoothly. There are definitely some hiccups, some differences in the way that we do things or interpret certain parts of the white handbook, but overall it's going as well as we could hope for.
I realized recently that I might not get a chance to train while I'm out, which is a sad thought. The fact that our number of volunteers is getting smaller means that my chances are getting lower and lower. Obviously the Lord knows what's best, but I really hope that I can be a trainer before I go home.
I'm loving my time here in Ulan-Ude, and President told me at MLC that I'll likely get another transfer here (4 in total)! I'm excited for that.
Thanks for all the support! Love you guys so much!
Elder Lawrence
Pictures:1-5 - Sunday Night at the Bushlaevs!


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