August 28, 2017


Ulan Ude


Elder Memmott

2 Great Baptisms and 1 Great Conference!

On Sun, Aug 27, 2017 at 10:08 PM, Lawrence Gavin wrote: Hey all! This week has been among the greatest of my mission, it's been everything I could've possibly hoped for! Everything went exactly as we'd hoped, and we just had a blast the whole time.
So we started off the week by going down to Mongolia on monday, which I talked about last week. Then we got on a train and rode up to Irkutsk, arrived at 3 in the morning, took a taxi straight to the Airport, and flew out for Novosibirsk at 7 that morning. We got in and went straight to the mission office, which is WAY nice in Novosibirsk. We waited there for a while, and that's when we heard from President Lamb that Luba Savina's baptism had gone great. That was great news, even though we were sad that we had to miss it :(The next day (Wednesday) was our conference, which went great! We set some good mission-wide goals and got some great teaching from President Lamb. We discussed a lot about how the merge was going, things we could do to make it go smoother, and good methods of conflict resolution that we can be applying. We also talked about faith, which was a great topic given our circumstances. Having the faith that we will continue to find and baptize is one of the most important things out here!Thursday we got to do splits with the Assistants in Novosibirsk, which was a blast. We spent a lot of time on the streets just starting conversations with people, trying to make friends. It's something that we try to work around doing normally (street contacting wasn't really very effective before the law; when you can't share the gospel message it's even more so), but we had relatively good success and it was a good experience. We finished splits with a trip to McDonald's and then went to the airport that night to fly out. We got back into Ulan-Ude at 3 AM Friday morning (notice a pattern?) and finally ended our whirlwind travel session. Friday we had a good meeting with Anton, finished up all our pre-baptism teaching and got his clothes ready for Saturday. I like the days leading up to a baptism almost as much as the baptism itself, you can always see investigators getting more and more excited! It's the best.Saturday was Anton's baptism, and it went great! He was ecstatic the whole time. He told us later that he couldn't stop smiling all day and he just wanted to shout to everyone on the way home about the gospel! He really is so great and we're way excited to keep working with him and help him feel comfortable as a member of the church.Sunday I had the opportunity to give Anton the gift of the Holy Ghost, which was an incredible experience. The calm that you feel while giving any blessing is amazing, and I always feel at the top of my game in Russian when I get to give blessings. The Spirit definitely helps :)
Overall this week has been incredible! Thank you all for the prayers and support, I love you all!
Elder Lawrence
Pictures -1- Luba's baptism! 2- President Uri Gushin, an old friend of my grandpa who is currently the mission driver in Novosibirsk. He has been serving as an Area 70, but was recently called into the Mission Presidency. We got to have a couple great drives with him, he is an incredible guy!3- Anton!!! 4- Our failed celebratory brownies (we were told that oil can replace eggs. It didn't work.)


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