August 13, 2017


Ulan Ude


Elder Memmott

NEW EMAIL ADDRESS for Gavin! Baikal and a Birthday!

Gavin's old email will be shutting down soon so please send email to

Hey all!
This week has been grand! We've just had blessing after blessing this week, it's been amazing.
First off, Anton is doing incredible!! We got to have 3 lessons with him this week, culminating in him moving all his work to Saturday so that he could come to church on Sunday! The changes that we've seen in him this week have been crazy. He has been super accepting and ready to accept commitments the whole time that we've worked with him, but over the last week we've really started to see the fire burning in him. That's one of the best feelings in the world :) He came to church on Sunday and couldn't wait to tell us about an experience he'd had while reading that week. He told us that he's been reading every free moment that he gets, and had an amazing spiritual experience while reading the newest First Presidency Message (september, about prophets) in the Liahona. He felt a warm feeling in his chest and realized that this really was what he's been searching for all his life! He says that since then he's had the same feeling every time he reads the Book of Mormon. He just finished 2 Nephi. We're still not sure if he's going to be able to finish in time for his date on the 26th, but he told us that he is  "90% ready for baptism!" He really is awesome and I'm just amazed at how much the Lord has helped me come to love him over the past few weeks. Keep him in your prayers!
This week we also got to go out to Baikal lake with the branch, which was an awesome experience. It is ENORMOUS. It just feels like you're looking at the ocean, you can't even see a hint of the opposite bank when you stand on one side. We had a good turnout, including 2 investigators (2 of the Savins) and 2 friends who we hope will soon become investigators, and a less-active member. It was a great experience and a great time to build relationships with all of them. I took a ton of pictures, so I'll attach some of those :)
We got transfers this week! We were expecting some huge changes, since we've had the exact same district now for 2 straight transfers, but we were surprised when only Sister Blonquist was moved. She is going to the city of Kemerovo on the Novosibirsk side of the mission. She'll be replaced by Sister Sokolova, who is Russian! Which means I get to serve with a native in the district again, which I'm super excited for. The rest of us will be staying for at least another transfer, and I get to serve with Elder Memmott until he goes home at the end of September.
Last of all, Sunday was my birthday! I only bring that up because 1) the other elders in the apartment gave me some awesome presents, and 2) we went to the Savins house sunday night and I got the full Russian birthday tradition (according to them)! It involved dance circles, ear-pulling, and, of course, cake :) cake is universal. Thanks for all the birthday wishes from everyone, they made my day!!
Love you all so much! Thanks for everything!
Elder Lawrence


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