June 5, 2017


Ulan Ude


Elder Creer

All is Well in the Promised Land!

On Sun, Jun 4, 2017 at 11:46 PM,
Hey all! Not a ton of time today, we're going out fishing and need to get on the move :) In short, Ulan-Ude is incredible and I love the branch more and more every day!!! My grandpa sent me an email saying that everyone in his mission called Ulan-Ude "Рай," which means paradise. I can totally see why :)The Savins are doing great! Zahar, their oldest child, is preparing to be baptized before he goes to youth conference in a couple months. We're focusing everything we can to make sure that he's not the only one that goes under that day :) We're really hopeful that we can get the whole family ready by then. I'll keep you updated!Elder Creer and I are getting along great, and the 4 man apartment is a party. We ordered a feast of sushi (It's so cheap here. We got 10 rolls for the equivalent of like $23 USD. And it gets delivered right to your doorstep!!!)Thanks for everything, love you all!
Elder Lawrence
Here are some pictures from this week :)

*A note from home.....Many of you have asked about the struggles/persecution the church is facing in Russia and what Gavin is experiencing in that regard. He addressed that a little in his family letter this week so i thought I'd attach that below for those interested......

On Sun, Jun 4, 2017 at 10:55 PM, Gavin Lawrence wrote: Hey guys!! Great week this week!! The Savins are making great progress, and I'm loving Ulan-Ude!! It really is incredible here. Looks like the San Francisco trip was a success! I remember mine, it was a ton of fun. Way cool to see that everyone is taking up the Ukelele, it such a fun thing for me out here and it's an awesome thing to use on lessons, especially when there are little kids. I'm way excited to get to play the uke with everyone when I get back!! So I think I should clarify, things really aren't all the bad for us out here. The government definitely isn't too fond of us, but our day to day routine doesn't get affected too much. It's still the most fun I've ever had, definitely not anything I would really call persecution. Just some fun stories to tell when I get home :) We're getting ready to make the merge with Novo, our duties as APs have picked up a little bit. I think we might be going up to Irkutsk and Angarsk to do some splits with the Elders there at some point, should be a ton of fun. I'm not sure on that yet, though. I'm really excited to meet the Lambs, they'll be getting here in a little less than a month. Thank you guys for everything, love you all so much!!
Elder Lawrence


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