May 8, 2017




Elder Staiger

Celebrating Victory over the Germans... With a German Companion

On Sun, May 7, 2017 at 9:52 PM, Gavin Lawrence wrote: Hey all! Great week this week!! We just spent most of the day helping out to set up a city relay race, (there's a volunteer organization here in Sakhalinsk that we've been working with pretty closely the last little while, they called us and asked for help) so we don't have a ton of time to email. I'll just sum up the highlights of the week real quick;
Our friend Max came to an activity this week and brought his friend, also named Max! Walking home from the activity, we had a great discussion with Max 1 about why we're here and some of the things our church believes. Then we met with Max 2 the next day, he is interviewing for a job with an American company and we did a practice interview with him to help him get ready. Our mission president has really emphasized the importance of forming friendships with the people we want to teach, partly because it helps us show them that we really just want to introduce them to the gospel because we care about them, and partly because it gives us some time to scope people out before we start teaching them. Gotta be a little careful with the laws here :)
The sister's new investigator, Lera, is doing AMAZING! She has been coming to almost every activity and staying for all 3 hours of church and then another 1 1/2 of institute!! She said during institute in an answer to a question that the teacher asked that she is "searching for the truth and wants to find out the real meaning of life, and I think I've found it here." We're really hopeful and working hard to make sure she gets fellowshipped well and continues progressing. Keep her in your prayers!
The service we did today was great!! We've already made a lot of good friends in this volunteer organization, and we get an opportunity ever time we're helping them to share at least something about our church. One person in particular who we've really built a good relationship with is the leader of the organization, a woman named Nastia. We're going to have a big concert next week in the branch (Elders Gee and Barr are flying in, I'm way excited! We're going to sing Rock of Ages together, I'll make sure to send a video once we have one) and we're going to invite her and a bunch of other friends that we've made throughout the city. We're really excited for that!
In other news, tomorrow is Victory Day here in Russia, which is a holiday specifically commemorating the defeat of the Germans. Elder Staiger is getting a kick out of that.
That's about it for this week! Thanks for all the love and support!!
Elder Lawrence
Pictures: Some AMAZING waffle cone things we made with members (and the result of me not eating them carefully)Some pictures of the coolest places here in Sakhalinsk (the Orthodox temple and some war memorials)


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