February 27, 2017




Elder Wilding

Blankets, Transfers, and the Greatest Purchase of my Mission

On Sun, Feb 26, 2017 at 5:14 PM, Gavin Lawrence wrote: Hey all!

Great week this week! The time is just flying, I feel like I just wrote home yesterday. Means I'm having too much fun!

So this week, we finally finished up our big service project! We have been sewing 35 large blankets for the last 3 weeks or so to donate to an old folk's home. It's been an incredible experience, a great way to invite friends and investigators into the church, and a great team-building experience for the branch. There truly is no better feeling than service!!

In other big news, transfers came! I'll be staying here on Sakhalin, but Elder Wilding is going to serve in Vladivostok. My new companion will be Elder Staiger! He is from Germany, and from what I've heard is an incredible guy. I have hardly met him, but that'll change soon! He speaks perfect English and incredible Russian (And German, obviously). I'm really excited to serve with him! Also Sister Kapralova will be leaving to serve in Ulan-Ude (Western part of the mission), which means this next transfer will be my first not serving with her in my district. Luckily Sister Khabalova is still here, so I still get to have a native in the district to ask language questions to!
We're going to be spending a good part of the week in Vladivostok and Korea. I'm super excited to get to go to the temple!! (We get to go to the temple more than almost any other mission, it's the best) Also we're finally going to go talk to a guy I met on the airplane while I was flying into Russia for the very first time! He's really cool and I'm excited to finally have time to talk to him again.

I made the best purchase I think I've ever made this week: Russian President Nesting Dolls! I'll attach a picture down below. The apartment is always a little more fun when you've got Lenin, Stalin, Gorbachev, Yeltsin, and Putin watching over you.

In terms of investigators, we've been making a lot of progress! We met with Rustam and talked a lot about Family History, which was really interesting to him. He is still reading and getting closer and closer to being ready for baptism!
We met with Sergei this week, and talked a lot about how the Gospel will bless his life. He is very open and is actively taking steps to find out for himself if the church is true, which is great! He still hasn't been to church on Sunday, but he came to the church on Saturday to teach us and the young men chess lessons (He is incredible at chess). He's going to come every Saturday to teach anyone who wants to learn, it'll be a great way for him to start building relationships with members of the branch!

Thanks for all the support!! I love you all!

Elder Lawrence


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