February 5, 2017




Elder Wilding

Splits, a New Schedule, and a Great Lesson!

On Sun, Feb 5, 2017 at 4:58 PM, Gavin Lawrence wrote:
Hey everyone!
This week was great!! They pretty much all are when you get to give
all your time to serving the Lord! Here's a quick run-down of the

The Assistants to the President, Elders Barr and Bates, came to
Sakhalin this week! (We don't have Zone Leaders in our mission, just a
pair of APs in both zones who fulfill the role) We had a big
conference and got a lot of new training, watched the Worldwide
Missionary Broadcast with them, and did splits! It was a blast and
reminded me of my time in Khabarovsk with 4 elders living together. As
of this week we have a whole new missionary schedule! The biggest
changes are that we now do daily planning in the morning and that we
have much more free time on P-days. Probably doesn't sound too big to
those of you not on missions, but for us it's a game changer!

On Wednesday, we had a music night at the branch! There was a violin,
ukelele, piano, and plenty of singing. Elder Barr is INCREDIBLE on
both the violin and the ukelele, and has an amazing voice. Elder Bates
can sight read literally anything on the piano and also is a great
singer. We had a great turnout and by the end we were just having a
jam sesh and it was one of the funnest things I've done in a while! I
love my mission!

On Saturday, we had the incredible priviledge to see a young girl from
the branch, Lana Bogutskaya, enter the waters of baptism! She was
baptized by her father, and it was an incredible service. Rustam, one
of our investigators, came and saw his first baptism! He is
progressing really well, and we had the opportunity to have a lesson
with him after the baptism. The APs were there, too, so we had 4
elders firing on all cylinders and the lesson turned out incredible!
We read three chapters of the Book of Mormon together, and he told us
that once he receives an answer to know that it is true he will be
baptized! He then ended the lesson by praying for us and sincerely
asking God to help him know that this church is true. He's making huge
steps and we're excited to keep working with him!

Thanks for all the support!! I love every single one of you! Have a great week!!

Elder Lawrence


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