January 3, 2017




Elder Wilding

Happy New Years (Year's?) I'm Forgetting English

On Sun, Jan 1, 2017 at 5:13 PM, Gavin Lawrence wrote:

Hey everyone! So it's the day after New Years here, and EVERYTHING is closed. Which means we're all taking turns writing on the one computer at the church. Which means I have like no time!
In short, New Year(')s was great, there were so many fireworks that when we woke up the smoke from all of them had settled like a fog. It was CRAZY.
Nikolai is doing good! As of the 31st he was still completely off smoking. We have been having some trouble with our phone, and he's been out of town, so we haven't heard from him yet today. But we're praying!
Sorry this email is so short!
Love you all! Have a great week!
Elder Lawrence

*Since this is so short, I thought I'd include a little from his family letter - Kyla

(New Years resolutions from Gavin's family letter)
- Read the entire standard works (We've been doing a challenge that President Perkinson gave us to read the entire Book of Mormon in 65 days, the amount of time it took Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery to translate and write it. (Tec​​hnically it took 85 days, but the 65 is accounting for work and other things that took them away from translating.) It's been amazing so far! I've never read the Book of Mormon this fast before, and it's crazy how everything starts to connect together and how many new insights I've been having.

- We have a very deep Russian language course book that we got in the MTC, and I've decided to work through it page by page until I understand every single concept inside. It's a pretty big book with some really technical Russian in it, but my goal is to have it all down by the end of the year (or hopefully a lot sooner!)

I've got a lot of other small ones, but those are my two big goals. I tried not to set goals like "get 5 baptisms" or anything, because I've been trying not to focus on numbers. But I set a lot of goals that I think will help me be a better tool in the Lord's hands!


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