December 25, 2016




Elder Wilding

Christmas in Russia!

Date: Dec 25, 2016 9:15 PM
Subject: Christmas in Russia!
Hey Everyone!! No time this week, sorry! Just a few quick updates and some pictures.
First off, huge thanks to everyone who sent Christmas messages! Those were awesome to read and it was so great to hear from everyone. I hope everyone had a great Christmas!!
Update on our investigator Nikolai: He is preparing himself to be baptized on the 14th of January!! He has an incredible understanding of the gospel, and has wanted to be baptized for a while now. The biggest thing we're working on with him is smoking. He's had to put off baptismal dates before due to smoking, but he's now currently 5 days in and doing good! He's great, I'll keep you all updated.
Also, we heard from Denis!! Here is the email he sent to Elder Gee (translated, with his words in bold)
Hello, my friend Lincoln (Elder Gee)! Yes, I probably am hard to reach right now {Elder Gee asked him why his phone wasn't working in the email he sent). I have repeated the path of Nephi, suffering many difficulties and hardships in my native land (He was in the middle of a long lawsuit against his boss, who had been underpaying him. He's never one to complain so we didn't know much about it, but the last thing we heard was that he had lost)- that was a trial. But God helped me, he chose a path for me and guided me an now I am rewarded! I found the land of promise - My family and I are in the USA and here we will start life anew. Give a big hello to everyone! Maybe we will see eachother again sometime. With great respect, your friend Denis!
Crazy!! We're not sure how that all happened or why he didn't tell us (also the weird tone of voice that came through was likely just due to my translation, Denis doesn't talk like that), but it sounds like it worked out. We're trying to make sure he gets in contact with the branch where he lives. Kind of a really strange happening overall, but hopefully it all ends up ok!
In other news, Christmas was grand! We had an awesome dinner at a members house, and I got to skype the family! I'm out of time, but here are some pictures! 
Love you all, have a great week!!


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