December 18, 2016




Elder Wilding

2 new investigators and a great sacrament meeting!

On Sunday, December 18, 2016 6:44 PM, Gavin Lawrence wrote:

Hey everyone!
We did a hike earlier this week with some members, so we had to borrow some time out of our P-day and I don't have a ton of time to write. But this week was incredible!
First off, we have two new investigators! The first is named Nastia; a less-active member in our branch brought her to the church and wanted her to meet with us. We taught her the first lesson and it went really well! We're planning on meeting with her again this week, we're really excited! The other is a man named Nikolai. We were reading in our area book, he was meeting with the missionaries around 6 months ago and then his record just stopped. We had no idea why, so we called him and set up a meeting. He was super excited to hear from us and kept saying "thank you for not forgetting about me!" We're not sure what happened six months ago, but we're just glad we found him and that we followed the prompting to call him. We had a great lesson with him, and we're planning on committing him to baptism next tiem we meet for the 14th of January!
We also had one of our friends we've been working with named Rustam come to church this week! Normally he only stays for the first hour and can't meet during the week, but this time he stayed for all three hours and we're meeting with him this week! We're really excited to work with him, he's a super nice guy and he has a wife and kids.
There was a training for all the public relations representatives for the church in our mission held in Sakhalin this week! We got to meet a bunch of really cool people from branches all over the mission, plus a couple from Moscow who were serving as mission presidents in the Rostov mission when my grandpa was an area 70 in that area. They're the Nechiporovs and they are awesome.
Overall it's been a great week! We're celebrating Christmas with the Argyles (one of the American families in our ward) this week and we're really excited for that. Also I get to skype my family this week! Lots of great stuff coming up.
Love you all!!Elder Lawrence
1. A picture my mom found of me wearing a shopka from Russia right after my grandparents got back from Russia years ago!
2. Elder Wilding and I with President Perkinson and the Nechiporovs


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