November 20, 2016




Elder Gee

Week something I forgot again - Eugene got baptized!!!

Below is the letter that Gavin wrote to send out this week, but I really loved the letter he sent to the family this week and I thought you might enjoy it too. Such a good reminder to all of us about the importance of striving to improve ourselves! Here's a portion of his family letter (hopefully he doesn't mind :) - also I told him I wanted a picture of him in his new hat, so I included that as well)..... So I wanted to talk to you guys a little this week about something I've been applying in my life out here that's made an amazing difference for me. It was a quote from either a Mormon Message or a devotional talk (I can't remember) that we listened to about 5 weeks ago. It basically talked about how no new talents are developed immediately, but a little effort every day can build some incredible new abilities. That stuck with me, and I've been taking small, specific things and working on them every day. The things I've been really focusing on are scripture memorization, handwriting, and working out. I've hit about the month mark of doing all of these things consistently, and the differences I've seen have been amazing. I now have around 30 scriptures memorized and I've been able to use them in tons of lessons. My handwriting is completely different and I enjoy writing a lot more now. I'll attach some pictures of my handwriting and my new signature that I've been working on (because my old one was LAME). I've been working out every morning for about 30 minutes and every night for about 20, and I've seen some huge differences. I have more energy throughout the day, and I get really excited to work out now. Also my muscles are HUGE. (Not really.) But I can feel a definite difference. And that's only after a month! All of these things were hassles at first and it took a lot of will-power to start, but now I'm to the point where it's all just habit. I can't even imagine starting the day without working out (except on Sundays), or not having a scripture that I've got in my head all day, or resorting to my old handwriting. I know those are three fairly small things, but they've made a big difference in helping me feel like I'm improving myself out here. The mission is an awesome, awesome place to develop good habits for later in life!

On Sun, Nov 20, 2016 at 8:18 PM, Gavin Lawrence wrote: Hey everyone! Just a short email this week to report on Eugene's baptism!

It went amazing! We rented out a sauna here in Khabarovsk, and did the whole service there. We had a good turnout of people, and Eugene was smiling the whole time. The sisters made some awesome programs for the service, which we didn't even think to do for Denis. We had a couple of awesome talks, and Maxim from the branch played a song for him on the guitar. Everything went perfect! He was confirmed a member of the church the next day. Most of the members here have met him already, so when he was getting sustained everyone was so excited that they were raising their hands before Elder Gee had even gotten through the sentence. It was really cool and awesome to see that they've already accepted him so fully. He's going to make a great member of the ward!

I attached some pictures to the bottom of the email :) (sorry there's so few, we didn't do a great job of getting pictures with everyone)

Also everything is going great with Denis!! We had a meeting with him on thursday, he's got the same fire and he's excited to keep learning more and to receive a calling and get more involved in the ward.

Have a great week!

Elder Lawrence


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