November 14, 2016




Elder Gee

Week 18: Denis's Baptism!!!

On Sun, Nov 13, 2016 at 10:04 PM, Gavin Lawrence wrote: Hey everyone!!
So, like the subject line says, Denis's baptism went amazing and he is now a confirmed member of the church!! It was an incredible, incredible experience.
So we went to the church on Friday to set up the font and get everything ready. As we were filling up the font, we noticed that water was pooling up underneath it. We thought we had a leak, so we started hunting for the hole. We couldn't find it ANYWHERE. We emptied the font, and we prayed that we'd be able to fill up the font without any problems. We wiped down all the water, filled up the font, and it worked perfectly! It turned out that the water had just leaked all the way under the font to one side from a spill we'd had on the other side. The font was a hassle, but it was all worth it. The next day we showed up early, and we got everything else all ready to go for the baptism. Denis's bus got delayed a bit, but he got there at 11 and we started everything off. Maxim, one of the members of the ward, gave an amazing talk about baptism, and then we all filed into the room with the font. Denis had a huge smile on his face the whole time! Elder Gee baptized him, and the spirit was strong in the room. Denis stepped out of the font and started giving everyone handshakes. By the time he got to me, he was so happy that he just gave me a bear hug, wet clothes and all.
It was one of the most incredible experiences of my lifetime, and it's something that I'll never forget. I can personally testify that the atonement of Christ is real; I saw it work in Denis's life, and I've seen it work in mine. The happiness in his eyes and the peace I felt that day are the reason I'm out here on a mission. I want to do everything I can to share the knowledge of the Restored Gospel that I have with everyone I can. I want everyone to have the experience Denis had, and to experience the change that I saw happen in Denis as he progressed in the Gospel. The church is true; nothing else on this planet, nothing that wasn't directly from God, could bring as much joy into people's lives as the church does. I know for a fact that Joseph Smith was a prophet. Because of him, I am here, in Russia, speaking a language I still have a lot to learn in, on the opposite side of the world from my family and friends, because I know that every person can feel what I feel and change and grow and become better like Denis did. There are definitely hard parts in a mission, but I wouldn't trade it for the WORLD. :)
Have a great week, everyone :) To everyone who's preparing for a mission right now, get excited. It's a once in a lifetime experience every single day and I love every minute of it :)


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