October 17, 2016




Elder Gee

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On Sun, Oct 16, 2016 at 10:26 PM, Gavin Lawrence wrote: Not a lot of time this week, so I'm just gonna attach some questions I got from the fam like always, a picture of the whole ward we took this last sunday, and a picture of our district all together.

- Still doing lots of service? Is it mostly service to members or service in the community?Yep!
Lots of service still. Mostly to members, although we're going to be
changing out some tile for one of our investigators, Erik, sometime this
week or next. We also have been contacting all the other churches in
the area, so once one of them has some service for us we get to go help
them out. Also we're working with the Church Humanitarian Services right
now to get a bunch of supplies for an orphanage here in Khabarovsk.
Service is just a very central part of what we get to do, and it's been
an amazing experience so far.

We read about some heightened tension there in Russia as far as
diplomatic relations with the US and other countries. Are you guys
sensing it as you interact with the Russian people?We
heard about some tension regarding Syria, but that was just from
members. There's been no noticeable change on the streets or anywhere.
We've actually met some really great people just on busses in the last
week, just by asking questions about the language. I had two great
conversations on one bus ride with two super nice ladies, and one even
gave me her business card and said "If you have any more questions about
Russian, call me anytime!" That was way cool, and it was one of the
first full conversations I've been able to have with a non-member
without Elder Gee or someone's help. It's just amazing to see how when
we make the step to do something that's a little uncomfortable, like
talking to someone on a bus in Russian, the Lord just lifts us up so we
can do things we never could have done without his help!

- What are you studying recently in your gospel study and what have you learned?
actually been reading a lot in the Amalickiah/Moroni chapters this last
week. We heard an amazing talk that Elder Gee had on his flash drive
about the difference between a leader and a manager, and it compared
Amalickiah (Manager) with Moroni (Leader). It was fascinating and it's
been awesome to kind of dissect the characteristics of Moroni and apply
them in my life. I've also had some amazing experiences this last week
that have strengthened my testimony of Joseph Smith immensely. I read a
story in a Liahona from 2014 about Joseph Smith's path to Palmyra, and
then felt prompted to read Joseph Smith History again. Then literally
that night we had an appointment fall through so we went to our Branch
Movie Night, and we watched The Work and the Glory. I've just had a lot
of amazing spiritual experiences this week and I've been so blessed!

Have a great week!

Elder Lawrence


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