July 28, 2016


Provo MTC


Elder Neuffer

Week 2: What? Week 2? For real? It's been like three days.

On Thu, Jul 28, 2016 at 11:41 AM, Gavin Lawrence wrote: Hey all!! P-Day number two just rolled around, so I'm sending off my weekly email. This has been an AMAZING week. The MTC choir got to sing backup for the Nashville Tribute Band, which was one of the funnest choir things I've ever done. We also really started to dig into the meat of the Russian language, which has been equal parts exciting and difficult. You know how in Spanish you have to conjugate verbs? In Russian, you have to conjugate nouns, verbs, adverbs, prepositions; basically everything. The upside is that you really have to think before you speak; the downside is that trying to learn it all in 9 weeks is like being force-fed by a fire hydrant. But I'm loving it :)
-So these first two pictures are of my teachers, Brother Oxborrow (black hair) and Brother Lehnardt (brown hair). We also have Sister Stockwell who teaches us a lot, but I don't have a picture of her. I'll make sure to send it next week!
-This is my very cluttered desk. We try and clean them up every day but we use like 8 different books every single day so it's a bit of a futile effort.
-This is my very best friend here in the MTC: Brother Katzner (Also known as the Russian-English dictionary) He's saved my life on multiple occasions. Great guy.
-Here's our mission on the giant mission map in the main building! I forgot to mention last week that Elder Neuffer and I are both going to Vladivostok. This picture is basically a rite of passage in the MTC, apparently. It's funny cause Russia is so big that the rest of our district (Except for Elder Clawson and Sister Tanner, who are both going to Vlad, too) Is on the complete opposite side of the map.
-MY FAM SENT ME A GREEN DUCK!! No idea why. It's basically my second favorite inanimate object, though (Right after Brother Katzner). His name is Utkamir. Utka means duck in Russian and -Mir is the product of my gross overgeneralization of the variety of Russian names.
-One more of the duck. With my tag cause I didn't send a picture of it last week, I think.
-Here's a picture of the guys in our district (We're pretty cool) From left to right: Elders Me (Vladivostok), Neuffer (Vladivostok), Peterson (Yekaterinsberg), Felt (Yekaterinsberg), Griffiths (Yekaterinsberg), Clawson (Vladivostok), and Roylance (Novosibirsk). I love these guys :) This was during our weekly Sunday temple walk. I'm holding a Russian hymnbook, which I've discovered is super fun to translate because all the words to the hymns are different in Russian (As in WAY more hardcore and awesome). I forgot my notebook, but next week I'll send a couple of the hymns I've translated. They're pretty cool :)
-Here's our whole district!! You already know the guys, but the girls (left to right) are: Sister Cook (Yekaterinsberg), Sister Tanner (Vladivostok), and Sister Christensen (Seattle Washington, Russian speaking). They're all a ton of fun! This district is what makes 9 hours of studying every day doable. I'm super blessed to have all of them!
That's basically everything, I think! Life in the MTC is pretty much the same every week (in a good way), so there's no crazy stories to report. I DID have a sort of funny language mistake during a lesson (although I'm sure I'll much worse as I continue) I was trying to say that "if you pray and read the Book of Mormon, you'll receive many blessings," but I accidentally said "you'll receive many restorations." This was right after teaching about the restoration through Joseph Smith, So basically I told our investigator that he'd be the next Joseph Smith. Which was a little confusing for everyone. But we got it sorted out, and it ended up being a great lesson :)
I think that's all the time I have for this week!! I'll talk to everyone next P-Day :)Sincerely,Старейшена Lawrence


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