July 21, 2016


Provo MTC


Elder Neuffer

Week 1

Hey everyone! So, sorry that I haven't emailed in eight days. We got Thursday P-day, which means that our first P-day was an orientation day. So no emails. But now we're on our normal schedule and we can email every Thursday! Which is just grand. Wanna know what else is grand? The MTC! I LOVE it here. Honestly it's one of the funnest and most spiritually uplifting experiences I've ever had. 9 weeks here seemed like a long time but I think it's gonna pass quick. Also Russian is probably the funnest language ever in the world (and the best). Every word is fun to say and it's such a fulfilling experience to see how real the Gift of Tongues is. Also I'm trying to fit 8 days packed with amazing stuff in the hour we have to email, so everything's kinda smushed. Sorry. So I can't attach pictures straight into the email for some reason, so I'm just gonna describe them in the order I send them. Starting now:
This is my room! Elder Neuffer (on the left) is my companion. He's AWESOME. Elder Clawson and Elder Roylance are middle and right, respectively. They're ALSO awesome. The nice thing about speaking Russian is that (humblebrag) we get a lot of really great guys in our zone. Not that every other zone isn't awesome, but Russians are just, well... We like to say that All Elders are great, but some Elders are Russian. So ya. We love everyone here at the MTC, though!
Here's our first lesson that we taught to our investigator, Pasha. We copied it out of one of our lesson books, with some of our own words and sentences mixed in. Mostly copied it though, cause we're still total greenies with Russian.
Me and Elder Neuffer writing in our journals. We do it every night and it's an awesome way to finish the day!
Here's all the guys in our district; I'm running out of time, so I won't name them all. They're all great, though!
Here's our classroom;
And our sisters! Plus Elder Roylance.
This is the Russian classic; it's a drink we learned to make. Non-alcoholic. Obvi.
Here's Elder Neuffer and I with Pasha! This was right after we committed him to baptism!!! Which was an amazing experience.
I think that's all the pictures I've got. I Seriously have been having so much fun! I miss everyone a TON, though. No getting around that! But it's ok. There's no where else that I'd rather be. Sorry if this email is short; we're still getting into a P-day routine and one hour of email time means we need to make everything quick. Closing notes; I love everyone, I love the MTC, and DON'T DRINK THE MTC ORANGE JUICE.
Till next week, Elder Lawrence
P(The russian keyboard is SO HARD to use. So these emails will probably not have like any Russian in them.)


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