July 1, 2018




Elder Creer

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On Sun, Jul 1, 2018 at 11:32 PM, Lawrence Gavin wrote: Hey all! This week has been a blast, but it's gone by way too fast quickly. I still have some integrity when it comes to rhymes.

Not a ton to report this week, (and by that I mean there's been a ton of great stuff but I'm struggling to write because everyone's email to me mostly consist of them saying "I'll just tell you in person in a couple of weeks" and I'm passive-aggressively taking revenge)
Quick update on things that are important:
We met with Nikolai's family this week, as always they're doing great! Trying to keep more consistent contact with them in the weeks leading up to baptism. They asked who would be baptizing them, and when we told them it was their choice, they thought for a while and decided that President Lamb will baptize Nikolai, Elder Creer will baptize Dima, and I will baptize Katya. Super excited! Everything's on track, they're so solid and they'll be such a huge help to this branch!!!!
Excerpt from President's letter explaining the title of the email: With this letter I announce a change of significant proportions for the elders of the mission, one that I believe will improve our effectiveness and safety. It is that as of July 8, 2018, elders may wear business casual attire instead of traditional missionary attire in certain settings. I will share the rationale for the change and some rules surrounding it.

The purpose of this change is to decrease the frequency of contentious interactions with persons who might identify traditional missionary attire with America or American government employees, to remove a barrier that might keep people from engaging in conversations with you, and to promote our interactions with church members who might be reticent to associate with volunteers in public who wear traditional attire. This change will affect all the missions in Russia except in the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg. The Samara Mission tested this policy change over the past two months and noticed the following results: 1) a virtual stoppage of all harassment incidents while on the streets, 2) many more meaningful conversations and phone numbers gathered, 3) more conversations with young people between 20-24, and 4) increased member support.

So that will affect me for a solid 10 days total :)
Things are going great here in the branch! Don't worry, I'm pushing strong to the end. We're too busy to be lazy :)
Love you all!! Thanks for everything!!!Elder Lawrence
Pictures are self explanatory. Sort of. That's Elder Creer in the gasmask.


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