June 17, 2018




Elder Creer

Everyone and their dog came to church yesterday and it was the greatest :)

On Sun, Jun 17, 2018 at 8:09 PM, Lawrence Gavin wrote:
I know I start every single weekly by saying it's been the greatest week, but for real this week has been amazing!
Here are some highlights:
- Great meeting with Nikolai, Katya, and Dima! Our branch president came along, he's incredible at forming friendships and a huge asset on lessons. They're chugging along towards baptism, doing great! The plan as it stands is for them to be baptized on my last Saturday in Russia in a river during a big ward pioneer activity, which yes actually is the coolest way I could possibly end my mission, thank you. Nikolai told us about how he's been keeping a journal as he reads to record his thoughts, about how they have family prayer every night and even their daughter (4 year old Darina) participates, and we had a great discussion with all three of them about spiritual experiences they've had so far. They're so ready, I'm literally blown away after every lesson!!! I'm so blessed to be able to serve here right now, these two transfers in Novosibirsk have been a tender mercy to top off an entire mission of tender mercies.
- On Saturday one of our recent converts here, Oleg, invited us to go to a museum with him. As we were walking to the museum, he offhandedly said "oh, also I invited my whole family to come along too! I hope that's ok." We've been trying to meet his family for about FOREVER now, so that was amazing!! We got to meet his wife (super cool) and his older daughter (his younger daughter has been to church before). The best part was the next day, when he came to church with both of his daughters!!
- We had a TON of people at church yesterday; Nikolai's whole family came, Oleg with his daughters, and Dima, and friend of ours who's never really shown that much interest in the church, out of the blue asked if he could come!! We were ecstatic. He's leaving for America for a couple months next week, we're going to get him in contact with the missionaries there. Fingers crossed!
Tons more great stuff, but time's up! Love you all!
Elder Lawrence
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