May 27, 2018




Elder Creer

Referrals are Nice and so is Primary

On Sun, May 27, 2018 at 8:39 PM, Lawrence Gavin wrote: Hey all! This week's gone pretty much faster than childhood, which is pretty darn fast. But it's been a blast!
I'm going to start with last night, since it was awesome! So the District president, president Rizhkov, invited us over for dinner. They really want us to work with some of their neighbors, and we were planning on going and bringing them cookies. We ended up having an amazing meeting with them! President Rizhkov and his wife are hilarious, and their neighbors are way cool as well. We got to explain why we're here in Russia, talk about the church, get to know them, and it was awesome. Their neighbors have an 11 year old son, and we agreed to start coming over to help him with English. We're really hopeful that we can get them to church, they're a super solid family and would be amazing members!
I'll just list off some of the other highlights of the week, since there were a lot but time is short:
- We had a great meeting with Nikolai's family, President and Sister Lamb came! It went way well. They're for sure planning on being baptized this summer, we're still trying to get them to agree to a date. They're all reading the Book of Mormon, and they love it! They're melding in with the branch better than we could have hoped, they're such a miracle!
- Elder Drachyov, a member of the area 70 who lives in Novosibirsk, invited us over for dinner! He has one of the most amazing families I've ever met. 6 kids in Russia! That's seriously almost unheard of. He's such a cool guy, and he's always so actively involved in the work. We love him!
- We visited the group leader of Berdsk this week, an old war vet who was baptized in 2014. He is one of the most solid members I've ever met! He also LOVES to feed the volunteers. I'm talking a full 5 course meal, with portions big enough to scare an NFL football player. And he expects you to eat it all. That was the closest I've come on my mission to throwing up, no joke. It was delicious, but I literally could feel my stomach tearing in half. It was crazy. Great guy.

Tons of other great things this week, but I'm out of time!! Love you all so much, thanks for everything!!
Elder Lawrence
Pictures:Picture of Elder Creer and I, drawn by Elder Drachyov's daughter
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