April 8, 2018




Elder George

Conference is the Bombference

On Sun, Apr 8, 2018 at 9:42 PM, Lawrence Gavin wrote: I am sorry for the pun. It gets progressively harder to write titles for these emails.
This week has been a great one!! Not a ton of time to write, but lots of good stuff going on here in Tomsk.
Highlight of the week was definitely Conference!!! I LOVE conference. Being on a mission somehow makes it about 100 times better, It's like a bi-annual giant spiritual recharge. Some of my favs:
Elder Robbins's talk was INCREDIBLE. He laid out repentance in such a clear and relatable way, I was blown away. One of the biggest benefits on conference is that we learn how the very best in the church teach and we can apply it to the way that we as volunteers teach.
Elder Anderson's talk right after Elder Robbins was another favorite! Some very concise and clear statements about how we should relate to the prophet and what we can do to become more like him that I absolutely loved. Especially loved when he quoted President Nelson to the effect that "I don't think about whether something a prophet says is personal opinion or prophetic insight; I focus on how I can become more like him." He definitely applied that philosophy to the fullest :)
The entire Saturday afternoon session was among my favorites of all time, highlights for me were definitely Elder Bednar, and then Elders Wakolo and Durrant (I'm using as a cheat sheet, I sadly did not memorize everyone's names :)) Elder Durrant cracked more jokes than the average Elder Uchtdorf talk, that was fun.
After that, the First Presidency's talks all in a row on Sunday morning was a fire hose of awesome, absolutely loved what they said. The focus this conference on personal revelation was incredible and really such a fundamental part of church membership.
Elder Holland's talk was amazing as always; I think God blesses him to be involved in or hear firsthand about so many events like the one he described because he is INCREDIBLE talented at telling them in a way that both edifies and instructs. Also the new ministering system is amazing, so cool to see the evolvement of the home teaching program. Really hoping that the members get behind ministering out here, we're going to be working hard to get that rolling.
Lam, Phong, and Hoang are doing well, we're slowly but surely getting them back to where they were before. Keep them in your prayers!

We had a good turnout at conference this weekend, so great to sit with the members and enjoy it together. Even had a few less/inactive people come, as well as Aleksandr and one of the other elders investigators, which was great!
We also had Russian easter this Sunday! It was a blast. They've got some pretty different traditions here, my absolute favorite is that on Easter, everyone on the street says "Христос воскрес! (Christ was resurrected!)" To which we reply "Воистину воскрес! (He truly did!)" It's a tradition that I absolutely adore and will definitely miss.
Thanks for everything!! Love you all!!
Elder Lawrence
Boiled eggs with some Russian flairRussian easter cakes! Looks - Giant cupcake. 10/10. Taste - Stale bread and weak frosting. 2/10Terrifying house that a member took us through. People live here.


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