April 1, 2018




Elder George

A TEMPLE IN RUSSIA!!!!!!!!!!!!

A TEMPLE IN RUSSIA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey all!!!!!!! This week has been ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!! Oh man. Literally not nearly enough time to tell everything. I'll start from the top.
First major highlight was definitely zone conference!! It was incredible, as always. We had some amazing talks about faith and the doctrine of Christ. It was incredible to get down to the roots of the Gospel and just spend a whole day talking about the Savior. The testimony meeting at the end was definitely a high point, the spirit was so strong and I was reminded once again of what a huge blessing it is to be here on a mission, surrounded by incredible members and incredible volunteers who are so capable of lifting and inspiring!!
Next up was a huge surprise; we finally got back in touch with Lam and Phong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a very long story, and there's a lot of things that we need to work with them on, but they're back and want to continue meeting and try and (in Lam's words) "find their faith again." I almost cried when we met up yesterday, it was so great to see them again. Hoang even came as well!! He's doing good, we're excited to keep working with him and hoping we can get him back moving down the path to baptism.
We had a great meeting with a guy named Kostya that we met while serving and his wife, they are Hari Krishna but were really interested in us and the church. We showed them the branch, explained a lot about the church, and had a couple chances to testify to them! It was great, and they took a Book of Mormon as they were leaving. They're pretty connected to their current religion, but we've got high hopes for them.
As if that wasn't enough great stuff, we got a call this morning from a member telling us the news: There's going to be a temple in RUSSIA!!!! We've been losing our minds ever since we heard, telling everyone and getting the word out. This is HUGE for the members, especially those who live out here in Siberia. Currently a temple trip is a long and expensive process; this is going to drastically lighten the load and will be an enormous blessing for everyone here. The energy is palpable and spirits are high, this is a great step for Russia!!!
There was so much more good this week, I'm just out of time!! Love you all so much, thanks for everything!!!
Elder Lawrence
Everyday Russian sights :) The graffiti says "pay your taxes; the USA is robbing Russia"


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