February 18, 2018




Elder George

Zone Conference and Life on the Bus">Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android
On Sun, Feb 18, 2018 at 7:22 PM, Lawrence Gavin wrote: Hey all! Great week this week! We spent a grand total of about a day and a half in our area the whole week, it's been wild. But in a good way!
So we left on Tuesday to get down for zone conference, which was on Wednesday and also amazing. This was one of the coolest zone conferences of my mission; President told us that we'd be having a doctrinal discussion about the Plan of Salvation, especially the pre-mortal life. We were NOT expecting the hour-long fire hose of deep doctrine that we got, it was SO COOL. Crazy how much knowledge a person can rack up after a life-time of diligent study and membership in the church. I've been way blessed to have both President Perkinson and President Lamb on my mission, I've learned a TON from them!
After zone conference we headed out to Kemerovo (the other city in our split-city district, about 4 hours away from Tomsk by bus. We literally live on inter-city buses) to do splits. We had a great time, Kemerovo is a way cool city and Elders Rivers and Barnhill are awesome. We spent a big part of the split getting ready for a baptism on Saturday, only to get a call from Kirill, the member-to-be, saying that his mom was in the hospital and he couldn't get baptized that day! This was about an hour before the service was supposed to start. But it worked out in the end! A ton of people ended up showing up for the baptism despite our efforts to get the word out, and we threw together a quick spiritual thought and it turned out ok.
We got back to Tomsk late Saturday night and completely burned out. Church the next day was great! We didn't have the best turn-out, but Egor, the less-active youth we've been working with, came in a white shirt for the first time!! We're really pushing for him to pass the sacrament, this was an awesome step forward.
Things aren't looking too good with the Vietnamese; we currently can't call through to any of them, and no sign of them at church. We tried to stop by Lam's dorm, but we can't get in unless someone lets us in. But we don't give up that easily! We'll find a way to get in contact with them and I really hope everything works out.
Aleksandr is doing alright, although we weren't able to meet with him this week because of travel and he couldn't make it to church. He's leaving this week on vacation but is excited to meet once he gets back.
That's about it! Thanks for everything, love you all!!!
Elder Lawrence
Pictures: - When 12 elders stay in one apartment for zone conference :)


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