December 19, 2017




Elder Bringhurst

Jam-Packed Week, Jam-Packed Taxi

On Sun, Dec 17, 2017 at 7:37 PM, Lawrence Gavin wrote: Hey all! This week has been awesome, as well as one of the busiest of my mission!! It's been craziness the last 7 days, but in a good way!
Starting this week, Tomsk will no longer have sisters. That means that we had to clean up, clear out, and shut down their apartment, take over their area, investigators, and get everything ready for the switchover. It's been crazy!! My family's in the process of moving out of our house right now, I got to get a little taste of what they're going through :)
But worry not! We were doing all kinds of more traditional volunteer work in the process. With this being Elder Bringhurst's last week, we were blitzing to meet with as many of the members as we could. Some of the highlights were:
- Dropping off a mattress to a part-active family, along with chocolates and some carols :) They were so grateful, it was amazing! The best part was when almost the whole family showed up to church the next day, it was great to see.
- We got to go around with a group from the branch and carol to less actives! It was a blast, and we got to get introduced to a lot of less-active members who we'll be working with once the sisters leave.
- There is a family in the branch who sacrifices a ton to go to the temple almost every year, they are awesome :) They are heading out for Helsinki to go to the temple next week, and they asked us to come and give them all blessings. They are such a strong family and a great example, I love them so much!
- A GOLDEN investigator just came to church out of nowhere yesterday!! Her name is Galya, she is so sweet and so prepared for the gospel. She was actually referred to the church by an inactive member. Crazy how that works. We're going to meet with her as soon as we get back into the city, I'll keep you updated!
Yesterday we left right after church to get in a taxi to go to Novosibirsk, and it was crazy. We had all of the sisters and all of Elder Bringhurst's baggage, and we barely made it in! But we survived and got down safely, so all's well that ends well :)
Love you all so much! Thanks for everything!
Elder Lawrence
- Taxi to Novo
- Cookies and a card for less-actives
- Too many selfies
- Delivering mattresses


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