November 27, 2017




Elder Bringhurst

Thanksgiving and Plenty to be Thankful For!

On Sun, Nov 26, 2017 at 5:22 PM, Lawrence Gavin wrote: Hey all! Great week this week! Not a ton of time, but some highlights:
Zone conference was incredible! I love the spiritual boost that always comes from zone conferences. As well as the physical boost that came from the Thanksgiving FEAST that we had at the mission home :) It was INCREDIBLE. Turkey, stuffing, yams, pie, everything American and Thanksgivingy that you can think of. Sister Lamb and the senior couples in Novo are amazing :)The highlight of zone conference was definitely when President and Sister Lamb pulled out a big stack of letters and handed them out to everyone in the room. They had asked each of our parents in advance to write us all letters and send them by mail. The whole room was in tears as we all read our parents' letters to us, it was really the best gift they could have given us :) I love President and Sister Lamb!I had the chance to translate a good portion of the zone conference for a Russian sister, which was a great experience. Live translating is always a good reminder that I've still got a long way to go in terms of Russian progression. It's pretty brutal, but super fun at the same time :)We got back from zone conference and got right to work! We had a great meeting with Rushan this week (the less-active member that knows my grandpa). He's got a lot of things built up that are keeping him from church, but I'm confident that step by step we can help him find his way back!We had an amazing experience with the area book this week! We called through some of what we felt were the most promising records that we could find, and we had 5 people agree to meet! Which for one night is unprecedented. It was awesome. We met with one of them, Zhenya, on Tuesday, and he came back on Saturday to help us clean the branch building! He's not sure if God exists or not, but he wants to serve and has a way good heart. He's leaving for a month this week, but we're hoping to pick up where we left off as soon as he gets back. Lots of miracles besides those, but no time to write! Love you all, thanks for everything!!
Elder Lawrence
1 - Sunday night dinner with our Azerbaijanian friends (we made tacos :))2 - The Tomsk branch building!3 - This dog was 50 times scarier in person I swear4 - Zone conference Thanksgiving dinner!5 - Cookin' up some taco meat


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