October 2, 2017

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Kyla Lawrence

Elder Spencer is Here!

On Sun, Oct 1, 2017 at 10:13 PM, Gavin Lawrence wrote: Hey all! Great week this week! We've had a lot of travel, but we made the time that we got in the city count.Elder Spencer, my trainee is safely in the country! He's awesome! He's from Ogden Utah, the youngest of 5, and runs cross-country. He's got an awesome work drive and is way fun to serve with. I already love training :) Elder Webb, Elder Witters's new companion, is also way cool! He's got a voice of gold and plays amazing on the ukulele, so we've been jamming out the last few days. It's a blast!
So the week started out with a flight to Novosibirsk on Tuesday and a day spent in the mission office helping the departing elders repack and get ready to leave. Not the most interesting way to spend a day, but they were scrambling and needed help :)On Wednesday we had a meeting to "train the trainers," which was a great 2 hour meeting with all the new trainers in the mission and President Lamb. After that we got to go hit the streets with all the new Elders and Sisters and show them around Novosibirsk. We then had a dinner at the mission home, which is always a blast.Thursday we had a sort of "zone conference" for trainees and new trainers, which was awesome! That night we red-eyed back to Irkutsk, and then rode a train all day back to Ulan-Ude. We got in late at night and we were beat, but woke up saturday morning ready to work!The highlight of Saturday was definitely our meeting with the twins (Sandan and Chaishamso), who we have been wanting for a long time to start teaching. We finally taught them the Restoration, and it went great! They were interested, asked great questions, and both took a Book of Mormon and agreed to read it. Right after that, we had another miracle: We had ordered pizza for zone conference, and the guy who delivered the pizza realized that we're Americans and wanted to meet up to practice English. We met up with him saturday night, and as we were talking he started looking around the church and asking questions about what we believe in and what all the pictures we have mean. We ended up teaching almost the whole Restoration to him, it was awesome! His name is Bato, and we're way excited to keep working with him. And with the twins! In other news, we should be having a meeting later today with Nikolai, the guy who came to game night that we started teaching. He's doing good. Roman, another of our recently started investigators, came to church this week and brought his brother's wife! He is awesome, we want to be teaching him more, but he's got a pretty wack schedule.Lots of potential in the city right now! I'm really looking forward to serving here 2 more (hopefully) transfers with Elder Spencer.
Thanks for everything! Love you guys so much!!
Elder Lawrence
Pictures:Elder Spencer! Elder Webb with Elder Witters


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