August 15, 2016


Recreo Ward, North Santa Fe Stake


Elder Andrew

Week 32 in Argentina


I’m great but my week was pretty lame, honestly kind of worse than other weeks. Being in a trio is a lot of fun but it is really hard. You can only spend half of your time in your area so that makes it hard. So Monday and Tuesday we just kind of stayed around the area but nothing really exciting happened haha. Thursday we had division in Esperanza and I guess everyone was in bad moods and grumpy because it seems everyone wanted to start arguments over stupid stuff and then some Elders started throwing water (including me) haha. We were so sick of it that we went home early and went to bed. Saturday Andrew and Gardner had a baptism from their area so it was kind of mine too since we were in a trio. Sunday was Stake Conference and there were so many people there. I saw a lot of members from Ayacucho so that was fun. They are awesome. So on Monday Gardner left to serve in Ayacucho because they were needing a missionary. Now I’m just with Andrew and it’s so awesome to just have two of us now haha. It will be fun, but now there will only be 2 of us to cover 2 areas. The worst part is that it takes so much time to do all of the traveling to get to the different areas. But transfers are this Monday so I’ll find out Friday what’s going to happen then. That’s about it, at least I sent pictures haha.
Love you
Elder Tyson


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